The .lu registry is central to managing .lu and keeping it running as it should. It sets the rules for .lu and maintains its dedicated infrastructure.

The national registry for the top-level domain name .lu is managed by the Restena Foundation as part of its .lu service. It manages and regulates the .lu domain name space- in collaboration with the private and public actors representing the local Internet community for the benefit of all – citizens, companies, organisations.

Managing, developing, and maintaining the .lu infrastructure 

Maintaining and developing the technical infrastructure of .lu is central to what the .lu registry does. This includes:

  • managing the central .lu database containing the owners of the various existing domains,
  • guaranteeing the accessibility of domain names under .lu from any point on the Internet,
  • developing registration systems and procedures as well as rules and regulations
  • managing and organising technical aspects regarding registration,
  • co-ordinating the registration of domain names at the national extension level.

National point of contact for registrars

Since late 2006, the registry has been based on a network of registrars that provide all .lu domain names. Acting as an intermediary between the registry and the end users, the registrars are accredited by the .lu registry to record and renew domain names with it on behalf of their clients. Contracts are signed between the two parties.

Today, more than fifty registrars sell .lu names, one of which is the Restena Foundation. Since the launch of .lu in 1992, Restena, in addition to managing the .lu registry, has also served as a dedicated registrar for that national extension only.

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Anticipating the Internet of tomorrow

Because it is tasked with ensuring stable, secure Internet service for the .lu zone, the registry needs to look ahead to the needs of tomorrow. It does this by:

  • monitoring or even taking an active role in the development of domain name technology
  • developing best practices around the Domain Name Server (DNS) system for anyone who has a .lu
  • being attentive to the interests of Luxembourg and representing them on the international stage.

As the .lu registry, the Restena Foundation is a founding member of the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR), the European association dedicated to exchange, dialogue and innovation in top-level country-code domain registries at the European level, and remains active within it. In this role, Restena works for reliable Internet in Luxembourg, for the benefit of its citizens, companies, and organisations.


The Restena Foundation holds authority over the .lu domain, assigned to it in March 1992 by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which has since been integrated into the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It has managed this service in the national interest since its founding, guiding its development each step of the way through its .lu service.