A .lu domain name requires various parties to work together, in particular its owner or their representative, and its administrative contact who handles its day-to-day management.

Key parties involved in a .lu

The .lu registry 

The Restena Foundation manages and is responsible for the proper working order of the infrastructure for the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) in Luxembourg, both on a technical level and in defining assignment rules.The .lu registry is only involved when the domain name changes registrar or is transferred to a new holder.

Accredited registrars

Established worldwide, they sell .lu domain names once accredited by the .lu registry.

They agree to follow the rules set for .lu and generally provide some Internet services, along the lines of what Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

They offer services particularly making it possible to assign and configure DNS servers, which are essential for activating a domain name.

Info! An owner that has the necessary technical skills and their own DNS servers can set up and assign all or some of these services to their domain name. This configuration is most commonly encountered when the owner represents a business or institution with appropriate technical resources.

The domain name owner 

It legally owns and operates the domain name and is liable for its use.

The administrative contact

Designated by the domain name owner, it manages the domain name.

Life cycle of a .lu domain


Life cycle

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