Registrars accredited by the .lu registry, in agreeing to sell .lu domain names, must follow the special procedures implemented by the Restena Foundation.  

Registering a .lu  

When registering a domain name, any accredited registrar must be able to discern an artificial person from a natural person, for each of the domain name's owners. 

Renewing a .lu  

As domain names are tacitly renewed, accredited registrars do not need to intervene to ensure their renewal. However, if there are one or more domain names that a registrar does not want to renew, it must take steps to remove each of those domain names before their expiry dates.

Upon their removal, the domain names enter a so-called 'quarantine' period. For 30 days, only the former owner of the domain name can reclaim it by requesting that it be restored. The registrar will therefore not be able to assign it a different owner until this mandatory period has ended.

Transferring management and ownership 

Unlike other registries, the .lu registry does not apply the Auth-Code protocol enacted by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another. Instead, the .lu registry ensures that the request is well-founded by emailing the domain name's administrative contact. The procedure is the same for the transfer of ownership, i.e. a new owner.

At the request of the domain name's current owner, the accredited registrar transfers management and ownership from the EPP server provided by the .lu registry. The registry emails the domain name's administrative contact a unique link to approve the transfer.

If there is a problem with the email address that the confirmation email is sent to, the new registrar can also confirm the transfer by fax.

See the full procedure for a management transfer  

See the full procedure for an ownership transfer 

An account that always has resources

Billable transactions are automatically debited, at the applicable rate, from the registrar account accessible via a web communication interface provided by the .lu registry.

Accredited registrars agree to constantly maintain (by advancing funds into their account accessible on the web communication interface made available by the .lu registry) a balance of at least €500 to secure its obligations. Below this threshold, no transaction involving a payment (i.e. registration, transfer and/or assignment of name, etc.) can be initiated. However, there is no minimum turn-over, nor a minimum number of transactions to be made over a given period

Related FAQs

I just received 'registrar' access; what should I do to get domain names?

Congratulations, your registrar has been accredited for .lu!

You can now add to your account by creating all the contacts, name servers, and domain objects you need.

To retrieve domain names previously registered with another accredited registrar and bring them under your name, contact the Restena Foundation to determine the correct transfer procedure to follow.

I recently requested a transfer but it's still pending. What's going on?

Transfers and trades require approval from the domain name's administrative contact before they can be processed. Depending on how responsive that contact is to emails from the Registry requesting approval of the request, the time taken may vary.