The Restena Foundation, as manager of the .lu registry, accredits all registrars that want to sell domain names ending in the extension .lu


  • Two communication interfaces - one on the web (read-only) and the other on a server - running on the standardised EPP protocol and sharing the same login data.

  • Technical support in implementing and tracking the managed names.

  • Access to powerful, secure infrastructure.

Get accredited for .lu

Are you interested in selling .lu domains? Follow our 7-step accreditation procedure.

Step 1

Before moving forward, check whether your technical system meets our standards and request temporary access to our test interface.

Unlimited availability No commitment No fees

Access the test interface

Step 2

Are you sure you want to sell .lu domains? Tell us you're interested with the dedicated registration form entitled '.lu Accredited Registrar Function Application'

Download the form

Step 3

Within thirty days after your request has been sent, a personalised copy of the 'Registry-Registrar Contract' will be sent back to you for your signature.

Response within 30 days

Step 4

Read the document carefully, sign it, and pay the invoiced fees to cover your application's administrative expenses.

€500 flat accreditation fee, excluding VAT, non-refundable

Step 5

Upon receipt, communication interfaces (EPP server and web interface) specific to your registrar will be prepared by the .lu registry and an advance payment will be requested from you.

Funds - a minimum of €2500 - to cover operations

Step 6

Carry out the registrar aptitude test specially created by the registry.

Unlimited availability Support from the registry included

Étape 7

Once the test has been taken and approved by Restena's teams, your registrar is accredited.

No management fees

Bienvenue dans la communauté du .lu!

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