The .lu registry communicates with the registrars via two web communication interfaces.

Management platform for accredited registrars

The web interface informs the registrar about the current state of its account. It may, at any point:

  • view information about its domain names; 
  • download the list of its domain names and each of their respective histories;
  • view account excerpts (established by type of operations);
  • view the list of account credit transactions;
  • view the state of its budget.

Access the management interface

Test platform for registrars that want to be accredited

The test interface is used for registrars that want to get acquainted with .lu's systems. Similar to the production interface, the test interface allows users to get acquainted with the interface and preview its key features before making a firm commitment with the .lu registry

Access the test interface

Info! The web and EPP communication interfaces are accessible only via IP addresses duly authorised by the .lu registry

Related FAQs

How should I set my time zone?

Make sure the hour specified for your tasks is given in 00:00:00 format.  If it isn't, the time zone fields might not be interpreted correctly in the interface for registrars.  

Why can't I log in to the Web interface or the EPP server?

There are several reasons why you may be having trouble logging in:    

  1. You entered the wrong password: Check that your password is correctly entered, and bear in mind that if you have recently changed it via the EPP server, you will need to use that new password for the Web interface.  
  2. Your account is locked: Either your account has not yet been unlocked, or it was locked due to inappropriate behaviour.  
  3. Your IP address is not authorized: You're attempting to log in from a computer whose IP address is not authorised to communicate with the interface and EPP server. Log in from another device.  

Can I create domains using the Web interface for registrars?

No. Only hosts and contacts can be managed via the Web interface.

Domain names can only be created via the EPP server, which is the only system that can edit the contents of the registry database.

What does the failure ’Billing error’ mean for EPP commands?

On the EPP server, the ’Billing error’ failure occurs when you don't have enough credit to perform the following tasks: creation, restoration, transfer, transfer-trade, transfer-restoration, and trade.  

If so, you must recharge your account from your web interface, before you can try again.    

To avoid such problems, from your registrar web interface:  

  • Regularly monitor your credit balance and recharge your account in good time, as money transfers are not instantly credited.  
  • Estimate the costs of renewal that you have to deal with over the next 7 days, based on the number of domains to be renewed as shown in ’View Summary’, ’Coming renewals (7 days)’.