In the event of a dispute regarding a .lu domain name, the .lu registry's range of action is limited to enforcing court decisions.

In some cases, the registry may assist a claimant in in its efforts and temporarily block the trading of a domain name in order to resolve an ongoing dispute.

Legal framework

The .lu registry cannot settle conflicts resulting from the registration and use of a .lu domain name. Handling disputes with an accredited registrar is not one of the duties of the Restena Foundation. Its role is limited solely to enforcing court decisions compelling it to act, which are brought to its attention by one of the parties via registered letter.

By registering a .lu domain name, the owner assumes full responsibility as to their rights in that name. It is up to the owner to do their due diligence to ensure they legitimately have the right to use the name they have registered.

Info ! Application acceptance for registration does not constitute recognition of an acquired right for the registrant to use the domain name.  

Assistance in ownership challenges

Anyone who believes that their rights are being infringed must contact the current owner of the domain name. A message may be sent to the administrative and/or technical contacts using the contact form associated with the WHOIS search.

Blocking the trading of a domain name to a third party

The registry may provide its assistance by blocking a domain name being traded to any third party other than the person contesting it, throughout the entire duration of the dispute. To secure this assistance, the person challenging the ownership of a domain name must:

  • provide proof that they can claim a right to the domain
  • have begun a formal proceeding against the current owner (legal action, arbitration, etc.) to attempt to recover the domain name
  • fill in and submit the registry's form to request that a domain name ownership challenge be recorded.

This approach facilitates the transfer of the domain name to the plaintiff once its rights have been confirmed by a court decision or other formal dispute resolution. It is valid for an initial period of one year, but may be extended by six months at the plaintiff's request, or be cancelled at any time through a form created to request the cancellation of a domain name ownership challenge.

Info !  A domain name subject to a holder dispute can still be used by its holder.

Reclaiming rights to a domain name

Once the dispute with the domain name owner has been resolved, the plaintiff must inform the .lu registry of the result, and provide the registry with documented proof of its resolution.

Afterwards, the domain name can be transferred to it via the .lu accredited registrar of its choice, to whom it will request a domain name ownership transfer.

Request a domain name ownership transfer

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