A .lu domain name, once registered, can be transferred to a new owner.

Trade process

This action, also called a trade, can be carried out by anyone who wants to gain ownership of a .lu domain name (an owner, outside technical contractor, etc.).

However, a transfer may not take place without the approval of the person currently designated as the domain name's administrative contact. The initiator of the request must first report this approach to the domain name's current administrative contact, as the owner's representative. They may use the contact form associated with the WHOIS query to send that person a message.

Request initiator
Registrar that manages the domain name
The .lu registry
Domain name administrative contact
Ownership transfer request (trade)

The request initiator requests an ownership transfer from the registrar.

Ownership transfer

The registrar performs an ownership transfer from the EPP server, the communication interface between the .lu registry and the registrar, using the protocol set by the .lu registry. 

Asking to approve the request

The registry emails the domain name's administrative contact a unique link (valid for 15 days) to a web interface dedicated to approving the request.

If no approval is made within 7 days, an automatic reminder email is sent to the administrative contact and to the requesting registrar.

Ownership transfer approval

The domain name's administrative contact approves the management transfer, via the link provided for that purpose on the web interface, or by signing the management transfer paper document to submit to the .lu registry.

Ownership transfer

The .lu registry transfers management of the domain name to the new owner.


The registrar informs the owner that the ownership transfer was completed properly and begins a new subscription period.

Additional information  

  • For the .lu registry, a transfer is equivalent to a deletion followed by a new registration.

  • A registrar may only transfer ownership for the names it manages.

  • If the ownership transfer involves switching registrars, a management transfer must also be carried out.